Frequently asked questions

When is the new adult mental health facility expected to open?

Site preparation work and excavation have started. The anticipated opening date is in the fall of 2024. For a more detailed timeline, please see:

How many beds are in the new facility?

There will be 102 private rooms in the new mental health facility. This includes:

  • 24 forensic beds;
  • 24 geriatric beds;
  • six (6) short-stay beds;
  • four (4) eating disorder beds; and
  • 44 adult acute beds.

Will there be any new services offered?

Yes, the new facility will offer a range of new services, including art therapy, music therapy, a therapeutic mall/main street, fitness studio and peer support.

Will there be additional parking at the Health Science Centre complex?

Yes, an additional parking garage near the Ronald McDonald House will have 1,000 parking spots.

Will there be opportunities to be outside and engage with nature?

Yes, each in-patient unit will have access to an outside terrace that will be landscaped and offer opportunities to participate in quiet activity or organized events. There will be an outdoor labyrinth on the second floor terrace and a walking path around the outside of the facility.

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Last updated: 2021-10-29